"Independent. Dispensational. Grace-Oriented."

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever. Isaiah 40:8

Doctrinal Statement

Flushing Bible Church Doctrinal Statement


Flushing Bible Church seeks to understand and obey the Word of God in its entirety.  No creed or confession shall ever supersede the authority of the Old and New Testament Scriptures as our sole standard for faith and practice.  Since we believe in the consistent use of a literal, grammatical-historical interpretation of the Bible, we conclude that a dispensational understanding of the Bible is correct, which assumes a progressive revelation of truth from God.  Therefore, we identify various dispensations or administrations of God’s revealed truth, such as Promise,Law, Grace, and Kingdom,among others.  We further recognize a fundamental distinction between Israel and the Church in origin, purposes, and destiny.


About Us

We are a grace-oriented body of believers who wish to glorify God with our lives. Our Sunday morning service is an attempt to equip the believers with knowledge from the Bible so that we can better serve our Risen Savior. We do this through the worshipping of the Lord in spirit (with our minds) and truth (with His Word).  It is our belief that expository (verse-by-verse) preaching through books of the Bible is the best method to convey biblical truth.

Service Times

Sunday School begins at 9:45.

Our Sunday Service begins at 11:00.

Women’s Bible Study, 10:00 Thursdays

FBC meets at the Tom and Jean Parrish Community Center, 311 E. Main Street in Flushing.  We hope to see you there.